Mind Wrestle-Mania!

So, admittedly, I had been a bit blue for a couple days before I wrote my last post. It has been unbearably hot outside and I work from home, so sometimes I fall into a rut where I do not leave my house for a while. I know that staying cooped up inside for days at a time negatively affects my psyche, but sometimes I just cannot muster the strength to go anywhere. Working all day and then caring for my two-year-old take up so much time and mental energy that I am generally on the level of comatose by early evening.

Yet, after reading more of Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, it occurred to me how much the “I’m too exhausted or too depressed to _______” narrative dominates my life. I realized that I spend all day anticipating the tiredness that will surely come as I finish my work day. I also just assume that sadness will accompany this exhaustion. In fact, I would say this mental hurdle is one of the biggest I’ve wrestled with in my life.

So what if I flip the narrative and refuse to entertain the notion that I need to sleep, or wallow,  instead of thrust myself headlong into life experiences?

On Saturday night some friends of ours were having a wedding reception, and basically everyone we knew and loved was to be in attendance. I had been looking forward to this event all week, but as the day wore on, the lethargy and sadness I had been feeling became overwhelming. I actually thought maybe I’d sit the reception out-how was I to converse with people when all I wanted to do was crawl under my covers and play Candy Crush until I passed out?

But because I am dedicated to the work I do here, I decided it was the perfect time to commit to using Joseph Murphy’s autosuggestion technique.

I believed this would mostly involve thinking things like, “I have energy” and “I am happy”. But, what was astonishing was the number of tiny, seemingly insignificant negative thoughts I had that I’d never noticed before. It was not just the biggies like “God. I’m so depressed” that I wrestled with. I also consistently thought things like, “I shouldn’t drink this juice because it might give me heartburn” or “ My daughter’s diaper looks a bit off-kilter. It’s probably going to leak”.

So, being the good student that I am, I turned every single negative thought on its head, and concentrated on its opposite. This resulted in a steady stream of positivity flowing through my mind at all times. I only entertained delicious thoughts, from, “My hair is going to look smashing” to “This juice is going to make me feel awesome” to “Man, I have so much energy. I can’t wait to get to that party and see my friends”.

And you know what? It really, really worked. I mentally strong-armed my exhaustion and depression into submission. I wrestled all the negativity to the ground!  And then I had a fantastic night, and things have been peachy ever since. Thanks, self-help literature!


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