The Yeezy Breezy Sunday Afternoon

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of the frenzy surrounding Yeezy Boosts (i.e. Kanye West’s nearly impossible to obtain shoes). I am only aware of this pop culture phenomenon because my husband is an avid shoe collector. I have known him to wake up at the most brutal hour to hunker over a computer screen attempting to secure some limited release. Most of these shoes run at about $200 a pop (Yeezy’s included) and are nearly impossible to get your mitts on.

Yeezy’s are kind of the granddaddy of limited shoe releases. When the first pair became available, my husband recruited me as a fellow shoe snatcher, exclaiming, “You need to harness the secret with this one”.

Side Note: “harnessing the secret” is what we call manifesting in my household, though I have never actually read The Secret in its entirety. I found it a bit too materialistic for my taste…says the girl writing an entire post about manifesting Yeezy Boosts. Oh the irony.

Anyway, we spent the day navigating crashing websites that were inundated with rabid Yeezy fans. We each prayed for the opportunity, nay the privilege, to spend our hard earned cash on a bundle of fabric and rubber bearing the eminent Mr. West’s name. But, alas, we were unable to make our Yeezy dreams come true, either on the first attempt or with each subsequent shoe release.  For months we tried, harnessing the secret with all our mights; and for months we failed.

What had gone wrong? Honestly, I didn’t really give a crap about the shoe- I mostly just wanted to make my husband happy. And also, securing the Yeezy’s never felt vital to our existences. It was just some fun, stupid thing we played around with, having a blast together in the process. So are these not perfect manifesting conditions?

Fast forward about nine months to the most perfect Sunday in recent memory. We woke up feeling refreshed, it was sunny and warm, and we had a babysitter. It was a day of delicious food and beer, perfect parking spots and general good feels. After brunch we went to a street wear flea market to check out the shoe selection and mingle with a bunch of people who are way cooler than me. Also, they were raffling off a pair of Yeezy’s in my husband’s size, so we decided to take a crack at it.

There were hundreds of people at this thing, most of them there to try to win the shoes. The odds seemed stacked against us, but I swear, I just knew it was time for the Yeezy’s to come into my life. Of course, you can guess how this story ends:

After all that time, we got Yeezy’s, for free, on an easy breezy Sunday afternoon. It was perfect. After we won, we walked through the crowd in a daze as people literally shoved piles of hundred dollar bills in our faces to buy the shoes from us. Perhaps those people should just relax and harness the secret.


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