Vibrational Shift, Caffeine High or Total Looney Pants?

I am going to continue with my “Nothing Has Gone Wrong” series tomorrow with a super cool manifestation story.  But today I just want to ask a very brief question.

I am new to much of this spiritual awakening stuff and I know that I have a long journey ahead of me-one that I fully embrace with tons of excitement and anticipation. However, I recognize my naiveté and need for guidance from a community of like minded people. So my question is this:

Do you ever feel positively, almost uncomfortably high from reading certain materials? I’m talking grinding teeth, racing thoughts, headache and an inability to keep my hands still. It’s like my most intense caffeine buzz ever, and it occurs the absolute instant that I start reading.   What is going on here?  Am I going berserk? Help!



9 thoughts on “Vibrational Shift, Caffeine High or Total Looney Pants?

      1. Wonderful! So happy to meet you today. Or share with you… whichever 😄

        Check out
        The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
        A Course In Miracles by Helen Schucman

        And like so many more… but those two will blow u away.

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  1. Recognisable phenomenon. My experience is that this feeling indicates a very strong affinity with the particular material and great potential to realise the “ideal” that is being presented (like, for instance, creating your own reality). However, the adrenaline bit indicates to me that there is resistance at the same time in the sense that part of me doubts whether I can be a deliberate creator. If that resistance wasn’t present, the feeling would be a serene and calm one of certainty. I’ve known both and am now able to make the distinction.

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    1. Ooooh! Thank you so much for this distinction. I have also recognized the calm/serenity feeling.

      Yet, with the experience I describe the agitation can be quite uncomfortable, so I often struggle to complete the reading. It makes sense that this might be a sign of resistance.

      Thank you for your insights!


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