The Typewriter(s)

When I first started experimenting with the Law of Attraction I threw myself into the manifestation process with gusto. “What do I have to lose?” I thought. Honestly, it sounded fun to spend more of my time lost in a fantasy world. In fact I think anyone can benefit from this practice, regardless of her spiritual beliefs. It feels freaking awesome.

Anyway, I decided to start small and attempt to manifest a typewriter from the mid-1900’s. I visualized the moment when I would receive the beautifully crafted, and fully functioning typewriter at an affordable price. With pleasure, I imagined the tactile sensation of pressing the small round keys and hearing the satisfying “click, click click” that is so missing from typing on a computer today. I envisioned the exact spot in my house where the new typewriter would live, and I cleared the space for it in anticipation of its imminent arrival.

Then I took action. I scoured the Internet for the perfect typewriter and continually came up short. Each one I found was either non-functioning, too expensive or not quite right aesthetically. Finally, after days of exhausting effort, I found one. It was slightly out of my price range, but it met most of my other criteria.

I texted my husband that I was going to buy it, all the while feeling like perhaps this LOA stuff is complete bunk. All I did was search the Internet, and what I found was sub-par. I wasn’t sure why I needed The Universe’s help to do this.

And then I received a reply text. Only, it wasn’t from my husband, but from my stepmother whom I’d messaged accidentally . It read, “Are you looking for a typewriter, honey? Your Uncle Robert has two he’s trying to get rid of. I’m sure he’d love for you to have them.”

I am now the owner of not one, but two, perfectly functioning old typewriters. And they were absolutely free.

When I unhappily worked my ass off to find the typewriter of my dreams, I thought I was fully in control, but I was not. My desire for a specific outcome was detracting from my current experience-I’d lost control of the “here and now” because it was dominated by thoughts of the future. With that, my actions were no longer inspired. I was forcing myself to search for the perfect typewriter, and it felt bad.

When I misdirected the text to my stepmother my rational mind was not running the show, but this does not mean that I’d lost control. Instead, I’d surrendered control to something else that is still a part of me. You can call it the sub-conscious, intuition, luck or The Universe- it doesn’t matter.

The point is this: The moments that combine to make our dreams come true are all ours, though they are not always conscious. Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, you can acknowledge that most of the steps between an intention and the realization of that intention are non-rational. Habits, intuitions and unforeseen events all come together in a fortuitous amalgamation to result in a specific end. Yet we tend to give more credit to the rational bits for making things happen. But, from my perspective, we also have a non-conscious power to alter our realities. For me, this acknowledgement brings with it a more nuanced understanding of the idea that nothing has gone wrong.


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