Everything Is Perfect

Alas, I did not receive any kind of sign that my travelling companion heard my telepathic message. Or, I suppose I should say I did not recognize any signs that he received it-It is always possible that I missed something.

However, I do not consider this a failure. For one, I have trouble with deadlines in general. If the Law of Attraction is real, then I what I want should materialize exactly when I want it to. Of course, this is given that I have little to no resistance to that happening. Yet, I know I felt generally uncomfortable imposing a deadline on The Universe. So, naturally, the 48-hour window passed without a peep from my friend. I still believe I will get that sign, though I can’t say how or when.

For another, it’s also possible that time is a meaningless human construct, or that it doesn’t function in the linear way we assume, or that 48 hours means something different to The Universe than it does to me-but we won’t go down that rabbit hole today…

So instead of getting riled up about the less than spectacular ending to my energy experiments, I choose to share one of my favorite mantras:

Everything is as it should be. Everything is perfect. Nothing has gone wrong.

Nothing has gone wrong.

When I remember that nothing has gone wrong, I recalibrate myself to find the perfect balance between power and surrender. It becomes clear that there is not a contradiction between being in control and letting go.

So instead of characterizing the lack of communication from my travel companion as a failure, I am going to focus on the notion that everything is perfect, and what is supposed to happen will occur in due time, and perhaps in an unexpected way.

And in this spirit, I am going to conclude this portion of the blog with a series of “Nothing Has Gone Wrong” posts. These will detail some of the manifestation successes from my own experience. Because, what better way to strengthen one’s power for manifestation than focusing on times when it was undeniably clear that everything is perfect?


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