I Hope Your Life is Wonderful

When I was twenty-five I backpacked alone through Ireland. In Limerick, as I boarded a bus to Galway, I met a remarkable person who truly altered my worldview. He was from Germany, and was backpacking as well before returning home to finish medical school. We only spent a short amount of time together, but his stillness and repose left an indelible impression on my psyche.

We stayed in the same raucous hostel full of young people lusting for excitement and adventure. I remember that he could sit, quietly reading a book of Irish poetry in English (not his native language), while the party-goers around him laughed, danced and drank copious amounts of Guinness and Irish whiskey. To date I have never witnessed such pointed focus.

I care about this person, not only because we traveled together, but also because I feel deeply connected to what he represents to me. It is unlikely that he can fully embody all the virtues I have imposed upon my mind’s version of him- but that is no matter. For me, he has come to represent bravery, tranquility, concentration and peace- all qualities that I want to have for myself.

The next, and probably last, energy experiment I will do rests on the premise that all people are linked together in some fundamental way. For Pam Grout, if we are all truly connected, then this means we should be able to communicate messages to one another intuitively. With this assignment the reader is meant to send some person a mental message, and then wait forty-eight hours for an indication that the message was received. I haven’t communicated with my German travel companion for many years, but I suppose I would just like to say to him, “Hey. I hope your life is wonderful”.


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