Vibration Shaming

I am spending the day with my family today, so this is just a quick post. I’ll be back with something more lengthy and relevant to the general topic on Saturday. However, I felt inspired to post this because of something that I keep witnessing that is bothering me quite a bit: vibration shaming.

By this I mean the criticizing of others, who are on their own unique and personal spiritual path, for resonating at a “lower vibration” because of the subject matter they broach, or the opinion they espouse or whatever. I have seen comments on several spiritual bloggers’ pages from people who have taken it upon themselves to inform them that the given post just “seems problematic” or “really resonates at a lower frequency than normal”.

Who, without the cover of the internet, seriously has the balls to tell someone that their thoughts or opinions indicate a lower vibration?

For one, spiritual bloggers are not perfect. They are human, and will sometimes vibrate at a lower frequency. So what? Do they really need people calling them out on this?

For another, what makes the commenters experts on vibration reading? Especially through the f’ing filter that is the world wide web? Maybe these vibration shamers are particularly intuitive in this way, but something tells me they are not.

Perhaps my anger about this issue means I am vibrating at a lower frequency. But, whatever. That is my issue to deal with.

So please, people, stop vibration shaming one another. We are all in this together.


4 thoughts on “Vibration Shaming

  1. I like your word choice. Vibration shaming feels very close to home.

    In regards to posting when you are heated – its a good thing. Especially when you can channel that heat (passion) to something helpful and creative such as this.


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