S’more Synchronicity, Please!

(First I want to apologize for my truly terrible, groan-inducing titles as of late. I should probably lay of the coffee…)

I don’t know if you have noticed, but butterflies are everywhere. In line with Pam Grout’s second energy experiment, I intended to notice butterflies for a few days, thus encouraging the universe to introduce them into my reality. And I swear, I probably saw over 50 butterflies this weekend. From live butterflies flitting through the grass, to my child’s butterfly coloring books to butterfly renderings galore at a street festival I attended. Butterflies are pervasive in children’s toys and amongst the crafty ilk. Apparently people love those fluttery little guys.

I don’t know, I guess this energy experiment just didn’t impress me that much. Perhaps it is because butterflies are easy to spot, especially this time of year. It is May and butterflies are pretty much the mascot for spring.

Or perhaps it is because I am actually so much more astonished by what happened when I began the third energy experiment that the butterflies seem like small potatoes.

I’ll start by saying that the third experiment felt a bit burdensome to me because there were actual props required. Honestly, I only wanted myself and the universe involved in this project, so when I read that I would need accessories, I hesitated.

So, the fundamental overview of the experiment is as such: Based on Grout’s reading of particle physics, she claims that the human body is made up of energy waves. Our thoughts, being energy waves themselves, can manipulate physical objects based on the frequency they generate. To test this, Grout asks her readers to make two “Einstein wands” out of coat hangers and straws. Readers are meant to unravel the coat hangars and fashion them into an “L” shape, placing the straws on the “handles”, or the shorter part of the “L”. This allows the wands to swing if you hold them out a distance from your body. Then, you think positive and negative thoughts and watch as your wands respond to your energy by floating outward (with positive, expansive energy) or inward (with sucky, negative energy).

Phew! Just typing out that explanation felt like a lot of work to me. What’s more frustrating is that I am staying at my mother-in-law’s house right now and when I read the chapter, there were no wire coat hangers or straws in sight. And, honestly, it might look a bit suspicious for me to lurk in my mother-in-law’s closet and dismantle her hangers. The mother/daughter-in-law relationship is weird enough without such strains.

So I had decided to skip this experiment unless, by some magic, I was able to score some wire hangers and straws with minimal effort.

Then, on Saturday evening we decided to light a fire in the chiminea in the back yard and make s’mores. My mother-in-law is the type of wonder-woman who happens to have s’more fixings on hand. But not only was she able to produce the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers out of thin air. She also had two ready-made marshmallow skewers…made our of wire coat hangers…each shaped like an “L”.

At this point I was already poised to cash in my skeptics card when the situation got even more curious. Stunned, I walked in the house to grab a glass of wine (I kind of needed it) and I noticed in the far corner of the liquor cabinet, a dusty glass of straws.

The last few experiments I did were fun and they absolutely contributed to my well-being and consciousness expansion. But this seems like a whole different ballgame. I have not used the “Einstein wands” yet, and I am not even sure I need to. I feel I have already sapped this experiment of its strangeness and synchronicity.

So I’m on to experiment number four tomorrow.  We’ll see if we can get even weirder.


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