Orange Is The New Pink

If you have been reading my blog you will recall that I am currently conducting the second energy experiment from Pam Grout’s E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. For this experiment I had intended to see at least one pink car in 24 hours. Well, that 24 hours is up and I have to say, I did not, in fact, see any pink cars.

However, there is one tiny detail that I should mention. It is a potentially significant snafu with the inter-workings of this experiment: I have not left my house in two days. Ok, I know I probably sound like one of those bizarre shut-in types, but I have a genuine excuse for not having removed my pajamas. I work from home, it’s been raining, and, well, I’m lazy. So how is the universe meant to deliver pink cars to a woman who refuses to leave the confines of her home? Unless Barbie crashes into my living room, I don’t technically see how this can be accomplished.

But do not fret. I still have some data to report from this experiment. Last night I was sitting on the couch reading while my husband and my daughter played with her toys on the floor. After a time, I heard my husband ask, “What color is the car?”

My ears perked up. “Here it is!” I thought. “I’ll betcha that car is pink!”

But alas, the little toy car is not pink. It is orange. C’mon universe! It seems you missed a perfectly good opportunity, there. What’s the big idea?

After this incident I began to view that stupid orange car as the foil of my experiment. And what is worse, I saw it everywhere. It was under the table. Then it was in the kitchen. It was even in the bathroom for a bit. It just kept showing up in my reality. But as I repeatedly, and begrudgingly, stepped over the little orange car, I began to notice something. In certain lights, the little car actually looked pink!

Right about now you might be thinking that this post is pretty lame. For one, all I have to report is some story regarding a little orange car that on occasion, when you squint, in certain lights, looks pink. But isn’t that kind of the point that Grout is making with this experiment? So maybe the universe did not deliver an undeniably pink car. But what it did deliver is infinitely more useful: evidence that, to a certain extent, we can choose how we want to see the world.

For me, this insight is key. I can go on believing that the universe failed me, and that the whole law of attraction thing is all bunk. Or I can choose to believe that everything is exactly how it should be, and find value in my experiences, even when they do not pan out in the way I would have chosen. I am not suggesting that I fully buy the whole premise behind the law of attraction theory. However, I cannot deny that these experiments have helped me expand my worldview.

Incidentally, right before I sat down to write this post, just as the 24-hour period was drawing to a close, I looked down to see my daughter shoving a small toy fireman in her shoe. “What is he doing?” I asked.

“He’s driving in a shoe car!” she replied.

Guess what color the shoe was…

(Side note: Please feel free to leave any thoughts, questions or insights in my comments section. I would love to hear from you!)


6 thoughts on “Orange Is The New Pink

  1. I really like reading your posts on your LoA experiments. The human brain is amazing in how it can focus our attention with our will’s intention. Does that necessarily mean that human will shapes the Universe? I think that’s wishful thinking on the part of human beings yearning for certainty and control over their destinies… And Confirmation bias is a powerful thought distortion. Either way, I do believe we can harness the power of our perception in such a way that the good, beautiful and true shines ever brighter:)

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  2. I know it’s kind of not done to leave comments on old posts, but as i am spending an enjoyable hour or so reading your older posts, this is what I am going to do.
    I am pretty sure the Universe has a sense of humour, or at least likes to play up to your own sense of humour. The pink shoe was a sort of ‘Gotcha!’

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